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English/Language Arts

Curriculum and Instruction Focus 2021-2022

· ELA and Humanities Integration K-5

· Standards-Based Instruction

· The Science of Reading

· Performance Tasks/ Project Based Learning

Elementary Language Arts Instructional Software Programs

· Amira (K-3)

· NewsELA (3-5)

· Freckle(K-5)-mostly used for intervention in ELA

· Learning Ally (K-5)


Types of Literacy Assessments

· Renaissance STAR Reading and Early Literacy (K-5 online-district mandated)

· Amira Learning Assessment (Dsylexia/Oral Reading Fluency Screener K-3) (online assessments-district mandated)

· Mid- Unit Assesssment Link It Form A, B, C ( K-5 district mandated)

· End of Unit Benchmark Perfomance Tasks ( K-5 Scoring Placed in LinkIt-District Mandated )

· Weekly Formative Assessments/End of Lesson Tests (Bi Weekly Assessments Teacher Based Assessments K-5 )

· Performance Tasks (K-5 Scored By Rubric)

· Writing Prompts (K-5 Scored By Rubric)